Wound Care Cream 8oz

Veterinarians’ first choice as a safe, effective recovery tool for horses, dogs and small pets suffering from a variety of skin conditions, Banixx Wound Care Cream delivers the immediate, sting-free relief your pet deserves. Ultra-enriched with premiere marine collagen and bolstered by essential extracts including aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, chamomile and more, this specially-formulated antimicrobial cream provides a gentle, nourishing action that moisturizes and fortifies skin. It contains 2% chlorhexidine—a time-honored anti-microbial.  Made without irritating steroids or alcohol, it boasts a quickly dissipating peppermint fragrance that acts as a natural bug repellent. Just identify the infected area, apply Banixx’s Wound Care Cream on a daily basis, leave it on, and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

Key Details:

  • Formulated for: horse scratches, dog skin yeast infections/itchy skin, wounds, cuts, rashes & scrapes, girth, mane, tail itch & sweet itch, ringworm, hock sores and dermatitis (including skin fungal infections)
  • Specially-made anti-microbial formula provides substantial protection against an array of fungal and bacterial infections
  • Ultra-enriched with marine collagen and essential extracts including aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, chamomile and more to maximize recovery to damaged skin and hair
  • Made without the use of steroids or alcohol, making it safe to use without fear of irritating your pet’s skin
  • Made in the USA

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

Made dog rash better.
By Mjlcmom on Amazon
The last 3 years we have tried everything Berkley's allergies - medications lotions shampoos. For the last month we have been using this product and it's amazing. He is now off of his medication and doing good.
By Thomas Schenck on Amazon
A friend told me to use this for cat wounds. It works great!
By Man crusher on Amazon
Used this on my goat's legs when he developed a weird allergy due to his autoimmune issue. It kept his legs from getting infected. Good stuff! Use gloves. First you need to eliminate parasites on your animals, this product is for skin healing, not parasite control.
By Pip on Amazon
My horse had terrible rain rot on his face. I had never even seen it that bad and I was afraid it wouldn’t heal the right way. I applied this every few days to his face and rubbed it in and within a month the rain rot is cleared up and his fur grew back normal. This product is a life saver.
By Lydia on Amazon
Banixx is incredibly effective on wildlife rescues as well as pets. It is my choice to treat ringworm or cats/kittens.
By GeepsNana on Chewey
Has helped my horse heal from a tough case of scratches. He has white socks on his hind legs which have been more grey for a while, now back to normal pretty white socks.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
Super fast delivery of medicine for abrasions/ infections in horses and dogs.
By Rayma Ashby on Amazon
I have used Banixx for years but was really pleased with the lotion, it is easier to use and more control able, than spray. But will still buy reg banixx because this is pricy to use all the time.
By dakotabAW on Amazon
Hands Down! This product helped my staffy's ears come back healthy. I purchased the spray first, but my pup doesn’t like spraying of things on him. So I opted for the lotion/cream. Within a matter of days, the hot spots went away, the wounds scabbed over and I'm pleased. Excellent product. I will make sure I get this stuff stocked.
By A. Parker – Haynes on Amazon
Use this on our terrier Chihuahua mix. She's got a bad rash on her belly it's really clearing up.
By Patrick Tracy on Amazon
The absolute best product I've seen for healing and animal's wounds. I've used it on everything and love it!
By B. Sax on Amazon
Great product for moisturizing dogs irritated skin.
By Weskal on Amazon
Awesome, as always!
By Amelia’s Acres on Amazon
The best product
By MRR on Amazon
Good for minor irritations and stopping inching. we will keep it in stock for our first aid kit.
By Jeff on Chewey
I love reg. Banixx but this is wonderful it stays on wounds better.
By Jean61 on Chewey
Yes, Banixx wound cream is so good for a dog’s dry, cracked and sensitive paws; she had a really deep crack in one of her paws and it has healed up wonderfully just by using the cream. We just gently massage it into her paws and it dries on like a medicated band-aid that seems to make her feel really good. Also the cream is good for dogs that are scared of the noise of sprays.
By Rod Ackland and his dog Pippa on Chewey
My dog Rody, a Berner (Bernese Mountain Dog) just loves to lie around the farm while I do all of the farm chores. Our soil here is sandy and he picks up all sorts of minor skin irritations that seem to multiply (hot spots?) in short order. I keep the Banixx Wound Care Cream on hand and nowadays I'm onto any skin abnormality in a second with the Banixx cream....no more skin issues!! and, Rody is so sensitive, when he sees me with a salve, or some dog wound care ointment, he is gone like lightning....but, doesn't mind the Banixx at all!
By Marie P. on Chewey