Horse And Pet Wound Spray

Keep your horse and pets in top shape with Banixx Horse & Pet Care spray. Recommended by veterinarians, this antimicrobial and anti-fungal spray for horses provides sting-free relief for horses and equids suffering from wounds, scratches, rain rot, ringworm, fungal infections, hoof diseases and more. Its special formulation has no clinical odor or color so you won’t ever have to worry about it smelling up or staining your hands, horse, barn or trailer. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about special storage conditions: this antiseptic spray for animals remains viable in all weather conditions ranging from freezing to hot and humid, making it ideal for storing in the barn or trailer. Just identify the affected area, apply Banixx on a daily basis, leave it on, and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

At Banixx, we understand that as an animal lover, you want to keep your pet or horse healthy and happy. If it’s experiencing discomfort from a wound, fungal infection, hoof disease or other ailment, you want the best possible treatment. That’s why we created our product to be used as a rain rot spray, horse antiseptic spray for scratches and more. We also have a convenient travel size spray bottle available for when you’re on the go.

Common Uses for Horses and Other Animals

Our pet and horse wound spray helps to combat a range of ailments, including:

  • Wounds: Spray our fragrance- and alcohol-free product on any cuts, scrapes, abrasions and other wounds to help clean and repair your pet’s skin.
  • Rain Rot: Banixx serves as a remedy to this common skin infection in horses that’s caused by a bacterium.
  • Horse scratches: This pesky, painful condition can be a mix of  bacterial and/or fungal infections. Use Banixx as a pain-free, swift remedy or as part of a potent preventative plan.
  • Ringworm: Is your pet experiencing lesions or itchy rashes from ringworm? Treat the fungus that causes this skin infection with our anti-fungal formula.
  • Fungal Infection: Banixx is an anti-fungal and antiseptic solution for many types of fungal infections that are common in pets and horses.
  • Hoof Disease: Help treat white line disease, thrush, abscesses, and other hoof maladies by spraying Banixx on the affected area.

Key Details:

  • Provides relief in the recovery of scratches, rain rot, thrush & white line disease, ear infections, hot spots, ringworm, cuts, rashes & sores, and any bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Color-free, odor-free formulation facilitates recovery without the stains or clinical smells that linger for hours after application.
  • Clinically proven safe around the eye, nose & mouth
  • All-weather tolerant and remains viable after being exposed to frost or high heat, meaning you don’t have to worry about special storage conditions
  • Made in the USA without using steroids, alcohol, or fragrances.

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

My farrier turned me on to this product after discovering that my horses had scratches. I cleaned their legs, sprayed the product on them, and it appeared to be clearing within a day. A second spray later and it was cleared up in three days. Amazing product!!!
By Leevi on Chewy
I’ve spent YEARS frustrated beyond belief with my itchy cats and little dog. I’ve spent hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars on cortisone shots, shampoos, vet visits, laundry washes, and time lost or feeling sad is immeasurable! Come to find out, I saw BANNIX and for less than 20$ I said what the heck and got it. I’ve sprayed it on my dog and cat and BOTH ARE RESTING COMFORTABLY for the first time in months. Their skin is flesh colored now as opposed to red and flared up. As a pet parent, BANIXX has GIVEN ME BACK MOMMA MOJO AND CONFIDENCE WITHOUT A VET who actually either doesn’t care what my animals have or is overworked so he misses the mark. Either way, BANIXX is a miracle worker
By Catqueen on Chewy
Love this product! Works great without harsh chemicals.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
My Golden Retriever has food allergies which sometimes cause SEVERE hot spots. I have been buying special food for him for years now because of it but every now and then they still come back. I’ve had $700 vet bills... NOT anymore. I was skeptical at first because I know the severity of what my dog had dealt with in the past with needing steroids and antibiotics to resolve his issues. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! 100 % cleared up in about 5 days of use. I would recommend this to friends, family, or ANYONE who deals with their pet having hot spots. I only write good reviews about products I’m passionate about and this is one of them. Don’t hesitate and get it.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
My dog has bad allergies and had a very bad rash on her tummy. We took her to the vet and $268 later she came home with an allergy shot and all was well for about 6 weeks. It was back to the same gross scabby sores on her belly. I did some research and found this product and was very weary about its success. Boy was I surprised when just 2 days later it’s like she never had any issues. Sores are gone and her skin is perfect. This stuff is a miracle. Highly recommend.
By Lenette Scorcelletti on Amazon
The bottle looks exactly like the Amazon photo. I love this product…..My Bichon Frisé had a scrape on him and I sprayed 3 sprays and by morning he was healed. I can’t believe it! I thought she was exaggerating about this product, but nope! It REALLY WORKS GREAT! I’m definitely a customer for life.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
I am probably on my 10th bottle of Banix. I give it for gifts. I took a bottle with me to my dr. Last Thursday. She was so impressed she took a photo. It cures Everything. I don’t use any other medication for wounds, etc.
By Barbara Starkey on Amazon
This is awesome spray. I’ve bought 3 bottles so far. Works great on my dog and cat.
By C. Reed on Amazon
This stuff works amazing! My Pekingese has skin problems and always stinky. The vet charges 174.00 for shots and shampoos/meds to treat. I have not needed a vet since using this.
By Melissa on Amazon
This product is great for the family pups, when they have skin allergies and thrush or they are scratching too much. Great product.
By Jay T. Beard on Amazon
First used this a few years ago when one of my cats had a skin infection on her ears. It cleared that up, and was the first thing I thought to use when a stray that's been coming around started showing telltale signs of ringworm. Have been applying to kitty 2x a day for 4 days so far and the infection seems to have stopped spreading, and its looking much better than at the beginning of the week. This is a great product.
By Shinjaejun on Amazon
This product worked wonders on our dogs Hot Spot!!! Using it 3x’s daily!!!!
By margaret williams on Amazon
The dog who has the worst fungus last night when I first sprayed her she fought it. This morning when I first sprayed her she didn't fight a bit. I believe she realized how much it helped her and she liked it. God bless you and thank you very much
By Sharebear on Amazon
My german shepard scratches ALL the time. It got so bad recently, the vet put him on lots of different things but nothing worked. I took a chance on this product and it worked!! Easy to put on and it works!
By Normaizme on Amazon
This spray is working for my dog with environmental allergies! She is not licking her paws and biting at herself like before. I spray it on her paws and body 3x a day. I just ordered a second bottle!
By Daisy on Amazon
My dog has horrible allergies and is prone to skin infections due to age and breed. After trying countless other more costly products as well as medications (which are 10x more costly than human meds). I did some research and found this product. I read the directions and applied to my dog's coat and skin. She had several hot spots so I paid extra attention in applying extra solution to those areas. It took about 2 weeks but my dog is 100% back to normal. I cant praise this product enough!!! I'm very pleased!!! If you have an animal with an itchy skin condition...this product will not let you down!!! I highly recommend it!!!!
By Debbi Drow on Amazon
We found this when our dog had ringworm. It helped us get her healed and prevented it from spreading. Will continue to have this on hand for our dogs.
By J.A. Haley on Amazon
This worked great on my dog! Definitely recommend if your dog has ringworm.
By Samm on Amazon
I really like this product and use it on my animals for any skin issues. I have used it for skin infections, ringworm and general irritation. It is well tolerated by my cats and it highly effective. I recommend this product to have as a go to for any skin condition.
By Jennifer S. on Amazon
Awesome product worked perfectly just like it said it would! Highly recommend it!
By Brad VonHaden on Amazon
We have an English Mastiff that suffers allergies and hot spots every summer. He was just suffering from one of the worst hot spots on his hip. Non of the usual stuff was working. I read good things about this product.. After the first application I could see a difference. The next day it was dry, and beginning to heal. He is now a happy dog, he was miserable. I will be keeping this on hand every summer!!!!
By Linda on Chewy
The spray worked great. In a weeks time his hot spot was dried up and healing.
By Wallie on Chewy
This worked on my Samoyed. He had a hot spot on his inner thigh and would like it to the point I had to get him antibiotics. Since I started using the Banixx shampoo followed this spray he has been good no licking. I still spray his inner thigh every few days just to maintain it....
By DQNier on Chewy
I basically use Banixx as a cure all for all of my dog's skin issues. It helps with wounds, irritations and pretty much any minor/moderate skin issue. It has saved me plenty of vet visits due to my accident and skin ailment prone dog.
By TommyV90 on Chewy
Helps my pup greatly with his hotspots when nothing else we tried was helping.
By Jenny on Chewy
This works very well for skin irritations. We will keep this on hand in our pet medicine first aid kit.
By Jeff on Chewy