Banixx Medicated Shampoo For Rain Rot, Ringworm & Fungal Infections

banixx shampoo

Banixx Medicated Shampoo

Introducing NEW Banixx® Medicated Shampoo, ultra-enriched with moisturizing Marine Collagen; a safe, effective skin treatment for all horses and dogs!! in the recovery of multiple fungal & bacterial skin conditions such as:

• Rain Rot (Rain Scald)
• Scratches
• Dog Skin Yeast Infections/Dry, Itchy Skin 
•Dog Ringworm 
• Girth, Mane, Tail Itch (Sweet Itch) 
• Cannon Keratosis (Cannon Bone Crud)
• Itchy, Scaly, Crusty, Dry Dog Skin Issues
• Dog Dandruff, Dog Dermatitis

Banixx® Medicated Shampoo contains NO detergents! Detergents are the culprit that leave your dog’s or horse’s skin completely denatured (dried out and stripped of all essential, natural skin oils). Instead, our medicated shampoo contains surfactants that “grab” the dirt, grime and foreign debris from your dog’s/horse’s skin and washes them away with the rinse water. Our soap-free formula contains 4% chlorhexidine that delivers a punch to bacteria/fungus i.e. infection. Being soap-free means that you can use it more frequently, with no downside, as a safe effective skin/hair treatment horses, dogs, other pets and livestock in the recovery of multiple fungal & bacterial skin infections.  Moreover, the icing on the cake is the marine collagen that provides sea-sourced amino acids to fortify hair fibers and repair damage while providing a deep-skin gentle cleansing, moisturizing action for both skin and coat. This unique anti-fungal medicated shampoo for horses and dogs fights common equine/canine skin infections while rebuilding, moisturizing and strengthening the coat, leaving your horse glossy and vibrant from mane to tail. Banixx® Medicated Shampoo is paraben, sulfate, and, importantly, soap free. It contains no alcohol or steroids. In addition, its deep-moisturizing, soothing shampoo is non-toxic, it has no added color or fragrance, and can be used daily for spot treatments or as an all-over body cleanser. Last, but not least, it will not bleach, stain, or affect coat color, and, our soap-free formula is key to maintaining a healthy coat (unlike detergent-based soaps that dry out the skin by robbing it of its natural oils and elasticity).

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How to use Banixx Equine Medicated Shampoo on Scratches (Mud Fever), Rain Rot (Rain Scald), Cannon Bone Crud, & Dermatitis

Gently hose the affected area with plain water, then, apply a shampoo mix with a sponge. The mix should be 3-4 ounces of shampoo, diluted in a small water bucket (2 gallons). Leave the shampoo mix on your horse for at least 10 minutes so that it has time to work on the infection. Hose off and towel dry.

For particularly tough areas, such as the front of the cannon bones shown on this page, apply shampoo directly onto a wet sponge and massage it into the legs. Legs must be wet first. Leave sudsy shampoo in place for at least 10 minutes. Repeat daily until required result is achieved.

For Scratches and Rain Rot infections, the regular Banixx spray may be used to “finish” the process since it is a “leave-on’ application.

Fight Equine Cannon Keratosis (Cannon Bone Crud) with Banixx® Medicated Shampoo

Equine Cannon Keratosis (also known as Stud Crud, Equine Leg Funk, Cannon bone crud) is a skin condition caused by the horse’s own skin glands. It manifests itself in a waxy paste that glues the hair to it. It is not fungus, bacteria, scratches, or caused by urine. It is actually a case of seborrhea (think flaky and scaly skin), and it can be primary or secondary.

Thankfully, Banixx Medicated Shampoo has already shown amazing results on leg funk (Equine Cannon Keratosis). However, be advised that since keratosis is a systemic problem (not merely a case of simple surface leg fungus), it requires a consistent, regular routine to resolve fully. You can then expect to treat your horse once every ten days or couple of weeks to maintain your horse’s legs in tip-top condition. Find Banixx near you or buy online.

equine keratosis

Equine Keratosis/ Leg Funk – Before Banixx

equine keratosis treated with Banixx shampoo

Equine Keratosis/ Leg Funk – four days after Banixx Shampoo

Customer Testimonial: Banixx Medicated Shampoo for Dog’s Fungal Infection

dog shampoo “My Black Labrador Jet LOVES water! However, he got a fungal infection and lost his hair on the underside (belly and testicles) that just would not go away until I used Banixx Medicated Shampoo and Banixx Wound Care Cream. Now the infection is gone, and his hair is growing back! Banixx Medicated Shampoo is a great product that is easy to use. ”

By Judy in Roy, WA

Customer Testimonial: Banixx Medicated Shampoo relieves Dog’s dry, itchy skin

dry itchy skin infection My husband and I recently rescued a seven year old chocolate lab dog named Forrest. He came to us with a double ear infection and skin yeast infection. We took him to the vet to be treated, but the spray and antibiotics they gave us didn’t help. My poor rescue boy was absolutely miserable. He was constantly itching! Between using the Banixx shampoo and spray he is now comfortable with no sores or inflammation on his stomach. Forrest says, “thank you Banixx!

Customer Testimonial: Banixx Medicated Shampoo for horse’s itch relief

horse shampoo treatment  for pigeon fever “Okan Red Bentley, a rare Lippitt Morgan horse, didn’t always look so relaxed and happy.  Bentley has very severe equine allergies and had a very difficult summer in 2019.  He is on an allergy vaccine prescribed by the NC School of Veterinary Science.  But he still had ”the itchies”, right into winter because the vaccine doesn’t treat all of his allergies, such as Culicoides gnats.  Due, to these insects, Bentley felt like he was on fire most of the time in the summer.  He even had severe respiratory problems due to his allergies. Now, that his horse has frequent baths with Banixx Medicated Shampoo, his horse feels much better and isn’t rubbing sores on his face or rubbing out his mane.  I hope the relief that Banixx provides will last through the next spring, summer and fall.”

By Red Bentley’s rider, Lynn Harvey


Best Horse and Dog Shampoo!

“5.0 out of 5 stars Best for yeast! This is a must have for dogs with skin yeast conditions. Great for itch relief for dogs and really soothes the skin. Works to heal skin. 8 washes in one bottle if used as directed” By Amazon Customer on June 9, 2017 Verified Purchase
“Best horse shampoo! I have been impressed with this shampoo in addition to using Banixx spray for scratches, rain rot, and other dermatitis on legs and problem areas like outside of ears. Humidity and dewy grass contribute to the funk this time of year. Thank you Banixx for a colorless and stainless product that works!” Comment by Kim's Farrier Service via Facebook
“I took [Banixx shampoo] to the vet with me when my yorkie had a skin infection and the vet was happy to see that I am using it. She actually recommended that I use it every three days to help clear infection.” By Iorna, Amazon Customer
“Very good stuff that works..5 stars..worth the cost, great for scabby kitty, ring worm, itchy dog…i’m a Banixx fan”
By Jody. Top Contributor, Oct 7, 2017.verified Purchase. By Amazon Customer
“Great product. Works brilliantly on horse mane.” By Falecia R., Amazon Customer