What if my horse will not tolerate a medicine boot or if I cannot find one to fit him?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedySome horses will not tolerate a medicine boot, particularly if it is used on a hind foot or if the horse is very young. Also, even though medicine boots come in various sizes, sometimes you cannot locate the proper size. An alternative approach may be to apply several layers of gauze pads, secured by duct tape and/or vet wrap, leaving a small opening where the Banixx solution can be inserted. An alternative is a used but clean IV bag or a baby diaper, held in place with either duct tape or vet wrap. A plastic curved-tip syringe is ideal for re-applying Banixx without disturbing the “boot”. Curved tip syringes can be obtained from your vet, farrier or are often available at your local feed or tack store. Whether you use a medicine boot or a homemade boot, it is vital that the affected area is awash in Banixx.

Some horse owners report the successful use of a very small baby diaper as a “medicine boot”. Soak the inside of the baby diaper once it is on the foot. Secure it with duct tape, vet wrap or elastikon.

Other horse owners have reported good results using an empty 5-litre IV bag (obtained from their local veterinary clinic) as a substitute for a medicine boot. The “boot” is gently secured around the pastern with duct tape. Find Banixx near you or buy online.