How To Treat wrinkle Infections in Dogs – Skin Fold Infections

How to treat a pug wrinkle infection

Wrinkle infections in dogs are most commonly seen around the face folds/face wrinkles, lip folds, groin, and armpits of the following dog breeds:

  • Bulldogs
  • Mastiffs
  • Pugs
  • Pekingese
  • SharPei

It’s very easy for moisture, dirt, and debris to collect deep within the cute, endearing wrinkles of our feisty, ever-inquisitive, furry friends.  However, unless kept properly clean and dry, these areas can become the perfect environment for rampant bacterial or fungal infections.  Find Banixx near you or buy online.

Signs of wrinkle infections include:

  • Itchy skin. Your dog may be excessively biting or habitually rubbing the wrinkled skin area along the carpet or furniture, which can lead to further injury and infection.
  • Irritated skin. The wrinkle area may have a variety of problems such as redness, rashes, bumpy or crusty areas, or oozing inflamed sores.
  • Foul odor coming from the wrinkles. This is likely symptomatic of a yeast or bacterial infection.

wrinkle infections in dogs

Wrinkle Infections in Dogs

Using Banixx to treat wrinkle infection

For immediate relief from the discomfort of wrinkle infections, whether facial or elsewhere, treat your dog with a gentle, soothing dose of Banixx Pet Care.  Banixx is non-toxic and has no clinical odor or sting to alarm or frighten your dog, making application a breeze for both dog and owner.  And because Banixx is a topical solution – not a medication for dog wrinkles – it’s totally safe to use Banixx in conjunction with any prescribed antibiotic; therefore, there is no risk of over-medicating your dog with Banixx. Find Banixx near you or buy online.

How to apply Banixx to your dog’s wrinkle/skin fold infections

Although Banixx may be sprayed directly onto your pet without risk of harm, for wrinkles it may be better to apply Banixx with a piece of sterile gauze or cotton heavily dampened with Banixx.  Gently separate each fold and apply the wet gauze/cotton so that the area is thoroughly saturated with Banixx.  Banixx needs to make good contact to be effective. It’s preferable to treat your dog’s wrinkles with Banixx twice a day until the infection dissipates.  Banixx’s odor-free, sting-free solution delivers a stress-free experience for your dog with speedy results.

dog wrinkle infections

Face Wrinkle Infections in Dogs

How can you prevent dog wrinkle/fold infections?

Wrinkle infections may be prevented by following good hygiene practices for your dog, particularly making sure to keep skin fold wrinkles clean and dry.  Avoid using a hair dryer on your dog’s wrinkles.  Instead, gently dry each skin fold with sterile gauze or a clean/dry wash cloth.  As a preventive measure to keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay, consider cleaning your dog’s wrinkles (skin folds) at least once a day with Banixx.  It’s a safe and soothing solution that makes sense to include as part of your pet’s skin care. Find Banixx near you or buy online.

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