How to treat my dog’s burns and scalds with Banixx?

Banixx ® used on Dog burns and scalds has been highly successful since Banixx is effective against a bacteria associated with burns called Pseudomonas. Simply spray the soothing Banixx 2-3 times daily to the burn wound. Treat until the desired result is achieved.


  • This story, from Melissa M… my dog, Sadie, crawled under my duelly truck and got badly burned on the exhaust system. I used Banixx immediately on her, in a couple of days, she was almost healed. Now she is back to new… I am impressed!
  • A cat that had been in a barn fire was brought into the local veterinarian’s clinic recently and treated with Banixx. The pain relief and accelerated healing were remarkable.
  • Rabbits that were turned over to Witts End Animal Rescue (Kissimmee, Florida) by local animal control officers after having been badly burned in a house fire, made an incredible recovery with pictures being posted on the Banixx FaceBook by Witts End.

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