How To Treat a dog skin yeast infection with Banixx

How to get rid of and treat my dog’s skin yeast infection or dog’s itchy skin?

Yeast is a form of fungus (also called yeast dermatitis); it is relatively common in dogs and puppies and can cause severe itching, skin rashes, and discomfort to your dog’s skin. Because your dog is so uncomfortable he will scratch his body or belly until it is red, sore and irritated. Or, he will rub up against furniture until his skin is red and painful. This is generally more noticeable on a dog’s belly but, leaves your pup’s skin open to infection. To get rid of and treat this skin yeast infection or itchy dog skin, use Banixx as an excellent anti-fungal solution (yeast is a fungus) that is not only odor-free but painless for your pet. The application is straightforward and brings substantial relief in short order. Simply apply Banixx daily to your dog’s skin infection being sure to saturate your dog’s skin. It is also a good idea to massage Banixx gently into your dog’s skin for complete saturation. It’s often a good idea to distract your dog so that he does not lick it off and Banixx has a good opportunity to work. Banixx works on contact

Apply Banixx 2-3 times daily to your dog’s skin.

A typical result is cessation of scratching within a day or two.

dog skin yeast infection pictures
Sasha Dog Skin Rash Before Using Banixx
dog skin rash after using banixx
Sasha Dog Skin Rash After Using Banixx

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Darwin with Dog Itchy Skin Problem

“Darwin had suffered with hot spots and itchy skin problems forever…nothing seemed to help and I did not want to have steroids administered since I was afraid of the long term consequences for my pup. Luckily for us, I found Banixx. I can’t thank [Banixx] enough for making this product. It is hands down the best thing out there for hot spots and my dog’s itchy, irritated skin. Darwin thanks you, too!” ~Rachel

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Aga with Scratching Skin Problem

Aga, a Scottish Terrier who writes for “In and around Horse Country” magazine, reports this about Banixx:

“I have been dermatologically challenged over the last year, due to a chronic skin yeast infection and have had to wear coats to protect my skin from endless scratching … my owner tried this new product, Banixx. She began spraying me daily with it. The itching and scratching stopped within one day and my hair began growing back … I grew enough hair that I needed to be clipped! Let me tell you, that was a real achievement! I am joining the list of customers who rave about Banixx. Four paws WAY up from me!”

My husband and I recently rescued a seven year old chocolate lab dog named Forrest. He came to us with a double ear infection and skin yeast infection. We took him to the vet to be treated, but the spray and antibiotics they gave us didn’t help. My poor rescue boy was absolutely miserable. He was constantly itching! Between using the Banixx shampoo and spray he is now comfortable with no sores or inflammation on his stomach. Forrest says, “thank you Banixx!”
dog skin yeast infection pictures
Dog Skin Yeast Infection Before Banixx
Dog Skin Yeast Infection After Banixx
Customer Testimonial:
“Great Product, my old dog had a skin infection and was being treated with meds but she kept losing her hair, vet said she could only control the infection but her hair would not come back, within a week not only has her hair grown back but it’s kept her infection under control a lot better than all the meds we had to give her. Spent over 1000.00 trying to clear this up, and all the meds made the dog throw up all the time. Try this, it works 100%.”Rita S., via Amazon
” My dog had a fairly common condition that made his paws smell like stinky Fritos. What a Smell! His feet were red from constant licking. The vet said it was an allergy, it was yeast related [that results in dog skin yeast infection] and I should buy expensive special food from him. I did not do this but, I used to sell Banixx, so, one day, the light went on. I soaked a gauze in Banixx and every day I cleaned his feet with it, giving special attention to the area between his toes. In a few weeks the problem was solved. Now he’s clear and we’re both feeling fine. I treat him every other day as a preventative. This was a bad yeast problem. Maybe others can be helped by my experience.” Dwight B, Retired Animal Health OTC Sales Person, from Albertson, NC

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