How To Use Banixx As A Dog Ear Infection Remedy

Ear infections in dogs are one of the most commonly diagnosed problems at veterinary clinics nationwide. If you suspect an infection might be the cause of your dog's itchy ears, it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian first to confirm the diagnosis and determine whether the cause is bacterial, fungal, or the result of an ear mite infestation.

Dog Ear mites can also cause head shaking and scratching, and a veterinarian can easily and quickly determine whether your dog is suffering from mites or an infection. If mites are the cause, your veterinarian might prescribe a small dose of an antiparasitic formulation to eliminate the mites in short order.

Yeast is the most common cause of fungal ear infections in dogs, but bacterial infections, both pathogenic (picked up from an outside source) and non-pathogenic (such as staph, which normally inhabits the body) are also quite common. Chronic fungal ear infections may indicate an underlying issue, such as a food allergy, that needs to be resolved before the infection can be cured, so be sure to consult with your veterinarian to be sure you're on the right track. Feel free to read our recent blog post on dog ear infections at

Once you know what kind of infection you’re dealing with, the next step is treatment. Unfortunately, many traditional medications for ear infections are awfully unpleasant for man and beast alike. Thankfully, Banixx is a gentle solution that can help resolve this painful condition, without the goop, stink, or sting of other conventional treatments. It is totally odorless, so there's no foreign scent to cause alarm, and it will not sting or burn upon application, so it won't make your dog skittish or difficult to treat. It can be used as often as needed (2-3 times a day is recommended) and is safe around the eyes.

Best of all, once the offending infection is gone, Banixx can be used on a regular basis as a dog ear cleaner to help prevent a reoccurrence. To treat, simply saturate a cotton ball and gently moisten the inside of the ear canal. Make sure that Banixx makes good contact with the infected area, and never use cotton swabs (Q-Tips) since they may damage the delicate workings of a dog's inner ear. Use swabs only to clean the outer ear. For most, this is the ideal home remedy for a dog ear infection, painless to your dog, painless to your pocket book.

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