Banixx supports American Street Cat

Sometimes there are not enough homes for our street cats, and some cats are simply not adoptable. American Street Cat neuters and spays the cats and then releases them.  Abby Haywood, Vice-President says “…an adult foster cat was admitted for dental surgery and we noted a ringworm infection inside her ears. The infection blossomed like mad over the course of the day due to the stress of the surgery. We started applying Banixx that night. Four days later, the visible signs of ringworm were 95% gone. The nickel-sized red and flaky flare-up was gone, with only perimeter scabs left. Banixx is far more fast-acting than the oral medications and stressful sulfur dips and anti-fungal shampoos that we’ve tried on cats and kittens in the past, and we’re singing its praises to our veterinarians, fellow rescuers, and pet owners”.

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Banixx’ affect on Ocular Tissue

Banixx was independently tested on ocular tissue in-vitro (so, no bunny rabbits involved!) and found to neither cause any irritation nor damage to eye tissue. The testing was overseen by the renowned Dr. Gilger of N.C. State Research Ophthalmology Laboratory.

The summation of his report read as follows:

“Based on these findings, therefore, the test article, Banixx, which resulted in a mean cellular viability of 94.79% on the EpiOcular culture system after a 30-minute exposure, would be classified as a non-ocular irritant. …similar to that of deionized water.” In other words, there was no difference between the samples treated with deionized water and those treated with Banixx.

While Banixx is not sold as an eye solution, it is essential to note that since many pet injuries and lacerations can occur in the vicinity of the eye, using Banixx around the eye will not cause any damage to eye tissue. For more detail, please go to

Banixx survives freezing temperatures!

Quart-sized bottles of Banixx were placed in a deep freeze for more than a week in order to test Banixx’ efficacy after freezing. The bottles were slowly thawed at room temperature. Banixx was then tested with a pH meter that gives results to 2 decimal places to see whether or not it’s pH had shifted as a result of the freeze/thaw process.

The results? Banixx PASSED the test! Despite being in the deep freeze for more than a whole week, its pH had not changed at all.

Banixx in the Bahamas!

Claire from the Bahamas Feed Store in Nassau gave us this report:

“Hi. (Banixx) is wonderful stuff. Very impressed. Has healed up skin issues on several foster pups really amazingly. Thanks again so much for sending test samples. We have placed an order and will be spreading the word to all of my animal people!”