Banixx Wound Care Cream for Every Bacterial or Fungal Infection

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Introducing our NEW Banixx Infection Care Cream, ultra-enriched with Marine Collagen; it’s a Veterinarian’s choice for use as a safe, effective skin/infection treatment for horses, dogs and small pets in the recovery of multiple fungal & bacterial skin conditions such as:

As an infection fighter against multiple fungal & bacterial issues, Banixx wound care cream additionally contains sea-sourced amino acids (via superior Marine Collagen) that fortify fibers and repair damage while providing a deep-skin, gentle moisturizing action. This unique infection-care cream is exclusively formulated for aid in the recovery of any common equine/canine skin infections while rebuilding and replenishing the skin. Banixx Cream is chlorhexidine- based and contains no alcohol or steroids. Its deeply-moisturizing, soothing action is non-toxic with no added color or fragrance, and can be used daily for spot treatments.

Banixx anti-microbial cream has a faint odor of peppermint that dissipates upon delivery. It is ultra-smooth with zero stickiness or oily substances and thus will not attract dirt or debris; it goes on effortlessly and begins to work immediately.

Suitable for ALL Pets! Apply Banixx Wound Care Cream directly to the affected area daily, use until desired results are achieved.

Before Banixx Wound Care Cream
Before Banixx Wound Care Cream
After Banixx Wound Care Cream
After Banixx Wound Care Cream
Summer sores or scrapes are the worst. Flies get into them and then you have big trouble. Banixx Cream went on smoothly and created a "film" of protection on my naughty Welsh pony's face. After 4 days he looked terrific and we have not looked back since!

Effective for your Animals & Pets Including: