How to treat thrush in horses?

Treatment for chronic thrush in horses

What is Thrush and how does it happen?

A nasty, rotten smell that is found when picking a horse’s hoof is a probable sign of a fungal infection called thrush. Thrush erodes the tissues of the frog, leaving a blackish ooze on the surface. It has a very bad smell! Thrush, generally speaking, does not cause lameness, but if you come across this in your barn, you may want to do a double check your barn management routines.

Thrush in horses especially thrives in areas where horses are confined such as a stall or a very small paddock. A horse who is exposed to "clean" mud that is more or less free of manure and urine isn't as likely to develop thrush as one who stands in urine-soaked bedding for most of the day. Additionally, horses whose feet are not well maintained, or who wear hoof pads are also more susceptible to thrush.

How to treat Thrush in horses

Dealing with thrush requires developing a routine. You need to eliminate the invading fungus. Fungus simply cannot grow in an environment rich in Banixx. The unique pH of Banixx causes the thrush organisms to die while causing zero harm to healthy tissue, unlike many other thrush treatments that contain, for example, iodine or bleach in them. Repeated iodine treatments will eventually burn your horse’s tissue and make him difficult or overly sensitive to treat. Bleach will dry out the tissue and is not generally recommended. An application of Banixx, twice a day, will serve as the best thrush treatment for your horse and the best time to treat is immediately after your farrier has trimmed out the foot.  Learn more about how to treat thrush in horses and ponies.

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