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How to treat thrush in horses?

Thrush in horsesTreatment for thrush is best achieved when your farrier has trimmed away excess or diseased tissue from your horse's hoof.

Make sure the hoof is clean and dry, then apply Banixx as a thrush treatment. Continue to treat twice daily. 

Banixx needs to make good contact with the infection to be effective.  We recommend the use of a medicine boot (or baby diaper)for severe thrush, both to keep Banixx in contact with the infection and to keep the hoof in a sanitary environment.  If you don't have a boot, consider wrapping the foot to keep it sanitary.  Results are visible in two to three days.

View a Case Study for Successful Thrush Treatment

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Where to Buy Banixx

Banixx® Benefits

  • No steroids, no antibiotics
  • No odor to alarm your pet
  • No color, non-staining
  • Safe around the eye and mouth
  • Non-irritating, no sting or burn
  • Long shelf-life, temperature tolerant
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial



A portion of the profits from Banixx sales goes to animal welfare and rescue organizations