How To Treat Scratches in Horses with Banixx

What are scratches in horses?

scratches in horses

Horse Scratches, also known as Mud Fever, Dew Poisoning, Greasy Heel or Pastern Dermatitis. Scratches in horses is a condition caused by a fungus: Sporotrichum Schenki to be exact. It's a chronic, progressive, painful equine dermatitis that infects the deep layers of skin in the heel, fetlock and pasterns of horses. The side photo shows scratches on horse's legs. 

The conditions that give rise to equine scratches are primarily damp, muddy pastures and constant wetting and drying of the skin in the area of the leg and hoof.  This also happens frequently with show horses, that generally receive more baths than their pasture counterparts and tend to work in rings where large quantities of manure have intermingled with the sand base. (Poor stable hygiene may also be a contributing factor).Learn More About Scratches in Horses


How to Get Rid of & Treat Horse Scratches

Banixx Horse & Pet Care has both anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties that work quickly and painlessly to get rid of & treat of scratches on horses.

For the most effective result, saturate the afflicted area in Banixx and keep the horse in a dry, clean environment for as long as possible. Treatment for horse scratches should be administered minimally twice a day, morning and evening. We prefer that you do not attempt to pick off the scabs, these are nature's band-aids and removal will be painful for your horse and leave the skin at risk for further infection. Banixx is able to penetrate the scabs for quick and lasting results!

A few days of consistent treatment with Banixx will cause the scabs to fall off naturally, having cleared the infection beneath them. AS always, consistency of treatment is Key to good results; daily treatments are recommended. Since Banixx is odor-free and painless, it will not cause your horse and further discomfort. This lack of pain makes application a breeze for both horse and owner! Learn More About How to Treat Horse Scratches 

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What Causes Scratches on Horses?

Scratches are caused by a fungus infection. Conditions for the development of Horse Scratches are primarily damp, muddy pastures and also constant wetting and drying of the skin. Learn More About What Causes Scratches on Horses


How to Prevent Scratches in Horses?

 Since Scratches can quickly escalate into a raging infection that can cause lameness, here's how to help your horse!

  • Keep Horses off wet pastures.
  • Check your horse's legs frequently for signs of infection and use Banixx as a preventative.
  • Dry your horse's legs before putting him up in a stall
  • Avoid early morning turnout when there is heavy dew.
  • Use dry, clean wraps/boots around the infected areas and keep each horse's boots separate.


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Banixx® Benefits

  • Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial
  • Safe around the eye and mouth
  • No steroids, no antibiotics
  • No odor to alarm your pet
  • No color, non-staining
  • Non-irritating, no sting or burn
  • Long shelf-life, temperature tolerant


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