How To Treat ringworm in dogs with Banixx

Does your dog have ringworm?

Dog ringworm is one of the most common fungal skin conditions affecting pets of all shapes and sizes, from horses and show cattle to dogs and cats. The trademark of this infection, visually, is shown as a circular bare spot where your pet has lost all of its hair. However in severe cases, signs could be lesions, scaling, and crusting. Ringworm’s symptoms make it a fairly easy problem to identify, but it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis.

Banixx is the preferred, effective ringworm treatment for dogs & cats. The reason for Banixx’ success on dog ringworm is because it’s a potent anti-fungal treatment, killing 99% of most fungal spores within minutes. Moreover, it has no burn or odor to create fear in your pet, and is totally safe around the eye, making application easier still.

Ringworm in Dogs

How to get rid of & treat ringworm in dogs?

To get rid of and treat ringworm in dogs:

  • Apply Banixx liberally to your dog’s affected area using disposable gloves (so that you don’t get ringworm).
  • Banixx must make direct contact with the dog’s ringworm to be effective.
  • Apply two to three times daily on your dog’s affected area for several days, or, as needed.
  • Dispose of the gloves to prevent the spread of infection. Note: Because ringworm in dogs is so very contagious, it is of utmost importance to treat your dog’s entire environment.
  • Wash his bedding and grooming brushes in a bleach solution and spray his environment with a dog-friendly product (such as Isopropyl alcohol, vinegar or baking soda) to destroy ringworm fungal spores. Note — Lysol is not recommended for use around dogs.
  • Note – since a ringworm infection results in total hair loss, obvious signs of healing (in terms of hair re-growth) may not be visible for 2-3 weeks.

Dog Ringworm is extremely contagious.

  • Treatment of your dog’s ringworm must be combined with the disinfection of his entire environment, which is essential for a successful outcome.
  • Disinfection of your dog’s environment may be done with a dog-friendly cleanser such as Isopropyl alcohol, vinegar or baking soda. (Note Lysol is Not a dog-friendly solution, so please avoid it).
  • Bedding must also be washed with bleach or similar.

Please read on to learn about ringworm on dogs,cats, horses, cattle, where it comes from and what precautions/preventative measures to use.

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