How To Treat Pigeon Fever with Banixx

How to treat Pigeon Fever in horses?

  • Pigeon Fever, also known as Dryland Distemper, may develop as a result of an insect bite or cut, which presents an open door for a bacterial infection. The result, with Pigeon Fever, is an abscess that is generally in the chest area where the appearance is not unlike a puffy Pigeon chest, hence the name.
  • Once your horse has been diagnosed with Pigeon Fever; simply spray Banixx onto the affected area twice daily.
  • Banixx will not burn your horse nor does it have a foreign scent so it is well tolerated by your horse.
  • As healing progresses, use the gentler spray application so as not to disturb the new layer of “repair” tissue.

Pigeon Fever, which results in abscesses and infections, was a problem for horses in the Pacific Northwest but now is seen in more areas of the U.S.

Banixx has produced very successful outcomes on the infected areas caused by Pigeon Fever.

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