How to treat Hot Spots on Dogs? | Solutions from Banixx Pet Care

Generally speaking, Banixx will do a great job with the infection that arises from the hot spot.  But, there's a bit more to hot spot treatment than meets the eye, hence, depending on the cause, Banixx may only act as a band-aid. Please read on to learn more ...

Some dogs hot spots are caused by a skin fungal condition. In these cases, Banixx will take care of this infection quickly and the dog should make a speedy recovery.

In other cases, however, the hot spots on dogs may be caused by an allergy to flea or tick bites, a skin allergy or a skin disease or a dietary intolerance or food allergy.

In order to pinpoint the underlying cause of your dogs hot spots, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.  If your dog is suffering from an allergy to flea or tick bites, a flea/tick treatment also needs to be administered along with using Banixx as a topical treatment to the affected area.

For hot spots that arise as a result of a skin allergy or skin disease, Banixx will do a wonderful job with the  infected surface area, but, the cause of the underlying allergy or infection will still need to be addressed in order to find a permanent cure. 

For dogs diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities, making the switch to a grain-free diet can often go a long way toward resolving a dog's hot spot issues.  While the change in diet affects a systemic change, Banixx can be used for topical healing! 

Case Study: Dog with Skin Infection

Dog skin infection - before Banixx

Dog skin infection - before Banixx

Dog skin infection - after Banixx


Sunshine arrived at SunCoast Bassett Rescue in Florida with a severe case of Demodex all over her body and into her ears (Demodex is a common infestation of a dog's skin caused by mites). She was treated with Ivermectin liquid to eliminate the mites. Banixx was applied as a soothing, healing agent for the outward skin infection and outbreaks all over her skin and inside her ears. Sunshine made a complete recovery (final picture) and found a forever home.

Photos Courtesy of SunCoast Bassett Rescue, FL

Case Study: Dog with Skin Irritation

Dog skin irritation - before Banixx

Skin irritation gone after Banixx

Happy Dog!


Sasha presented with a very irritating skin condition and she was biting and scratching the area. Banixx was applied twice daily and her diet changed slightly to include more protein and less grain based foods. Hitherto these changes, Sasha's owners had spent hundreds of dollars searching for a cure. After a couple of weeks of Banixx and a new dog food, costing much less than previous approaches, Sasha was completely cured and back to being a healthy, happy member of the family.

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  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial