Banixx for Pets


Banixx™ has been used successfully for wound and skin infections on horses, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, parrots, falcons, llamas, ferrets, alpacas, show cows, sheep, pigs and even a one-month old foal. It has proven indispensable in the aid of hot spots, allergies, bites and wounds as well as ear fungus in dogs.  Unrivaled for cracked, dry nose or paw pads and blade burns, this non-stinging formula boasts no odor, no color, no steroids, and no antibiotics.  It can also be used with confidence around the eye.  Best of all, it is made right here in the USA!

"My 3 yr. old German Shorthaired Pointer sustained a nasty ear wound from playing a little too rough with his friends. The wound simply wouldn't heal until I decided to try Banixx. Two weeks later, there's not even a scab left to be found. What a great product!"

Amy Lin Engle

A portion of the profits from Banixx™ sales goes to animal welfare and rescue organizations

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Banixx™ Benefits

  • No steroids, no antibiotics
  • No odor to alarm your pet
  • No color, non-staining
  • Safe around the eye and mouth
  • Non-irritating, no sting or burn
  • Long shelf-life, temperature tolerant
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial


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Banixx is made in the USA