How to treat my horse's aerobic and anaerobic bacteria?

Banixx will work on just about every type of bacteria infection that your horse may present - aerobic or anaerobic.  There is just a minute slice of bacteria in this world where Banixx is not 99.9999% effective.  The reason for the effectiveness of Banixx on bacteria is due to Banixx' unique pH formula.  The pH level of the Banixx solution simply does not allow for bacterial or fungal growth.  it is just that straightforward. See our laboratory report from BioVir Laboratories for more detail.

Banixx for HorsesBanixx is the product of choice for many horse owners for wounds, infections, punctures, injuries, lacerations, rain-rot and ringworm, fungal infections, white-line disease, scratches and skin infections, thrush and abscesses, pigeon fever, and more.