How to treat thrush in horses with Banixx

For a mild case of thrush, applying Banixx as a thrush treatment/remedy, right onto the frog area, may get the job done. It’s best to keep the horse’s foot held in your hand to allow Banixx to penetrate the tissue and do its work.

But, for more advanced thrush infections or chronic thrush, where the fungus lives in the many cracks and crevices of the hoof, a simple splash of liquid will roll right over these hidden places and never get the chance to penetrate. For this reason, when dealing with chronic thrush in horses, we recommend the use of a medicine boot, whether it’s home-made or an off-shelf product.

An alternative to a medicine boot, that works well for many, is a disposable baby diaper fastened in place with duct tape or an old (clean) saline bag easily obtained from your vet. This “boot’ then is used in order to keep the hoof awash in Banixx (to separate the hoof from the infection) and to keep the hoof out of the unclean environment in which most horses live.

Method of Application

Pick the horse’s feet; you may need a pick with a brush for hidden areas. Preferably, Banixx should be applied twice a day, am and pm and the best time to treat is immediately after your professional (farrier or vet) has trimmed the hoof. This is because your professional will trim away any dead or diseased tissue so you will be able to easily access any infection with Banixx. This will allow Banixx to do its best work. If possible, keep the hoof in the “boot” for an hour or so, then remove it and tape up the hoof with gauze and vet wrap or duct tape, before returning the horse to his environment, to try to keep the hoof as clean as possible. For chronic cases, repeat this process 3-4 days after each trim.

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