How to treat my dog's burns and scalds?

Banixx ® used on burns and scalds has been highly successful since Banixx is effective against a bacteria associated with burns called Pseudomonas. Simply spray the soothing Banixx 2-3 times daily to the burn wound.  Treat until the desired result is achieved.


  • This story, from Melissa M dog, Sadie, crawled under my duelly truck and got badly burned on the exhaust system.  I used Banixx immediately on her, in a couple of days, she was almost healed. Now she is back to new ... I am impressed!
  • A cat that had been in a barn fire was brought into the local veterinarian's clinic recently and treated with Banixx. The pain relief and accelerated healing were remarkable. 
  • Rabbits that were turned over to Witts End Animal Rescue (Kissimmee, Florida) by local animal control officers after having been badly burned in a house fire, made an incredible recovery with pictures being posted on the Banixx FaceBook by Witts End.  Visit

Banixx for DogsBanixx is the product of choice for dog owners and dog professionals for:

Dog lovers turn to Banixx to address dog ear infections and other common ailments.  Banixx has been shown to give significant or total relief. 

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5-Star Reviews

... from Valley Vet Customers:

“I wish I knew about this a year ago! This is helping SO much on my Shelties' hot spot.”
Great product!
 July 23, 2015 by RENOVATED

“This product had cleared up many problems for us. Like fungal spot on my Standard Poodle's nose, hot spots, and ear troubles. Would not be without it.”
 July 12, 2014 by Zoolady

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