How do I treat my dog’s/puppy’s cut, wound or puncture with Banixx?

Apply Banixx right onto your dog’s, puppy’s wound (cut, tear, laceration, puncture) each morning and evening. Allow Banixx simply to do its job on your dog or puppy! Banixx is a leave-on treatment.

The reason for the morning and evening applications of Banixx is to aid with your pet’s natural immune system, in the removal of bacteria and fungus. Then, by allowing the area to “rest”/be undisturbed, during the day, your dog/puppy can regenerate healthy tissue in the affected area.

With the evening treatment of Banixx, the process begins all over again, and the natural process of repair continues. Spraying Banixx too often may slow down the repair process if you are dealing with a serious wound because the constant spraying “disturbs” the tissue repair process.

Even though Banixx is a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, it is also gentle on tissue and will not sting, stain, or cause damage to even the most tender of areas. Banixx is clinically proven safe around the eye. With this knowledge, Banixx is highly suitable for use with young or wary pets, or any dog or puppy that may be problematic to treat.

View a case study about a puppy paw injury.

Day One Puppy/Dog Paw injuryFinal Dog/Puppy Paw Injury - Result with Banixx

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