How do I treat my dog's skin infection, my puppy's skin infection?


Dog Skin infectionSkin infections in dogs or puppies may be bacterial or fungal in nature, so Banixx is the treatment solution of choice. Apply Banixx gently to your dog's skin infection to make solid contact. Use morning and evening. Then, just let Banixx go to work! Maintain the treatment on your dog's infected skin until desired results are seen on your puppy or dog.

Since Banixx has no odor or sting to upset your dog/puppy, application to skin infections in dogs is a breeze!  It’s a good idea, generally speaking, to find some amusement or distraction for your dog, after skin treatment, such as taking him/her for a walk, feeding him/her or playing with him/her... so that Banixx has time to work. Generally, dogs will NOT lick Banixx since it has no odor.

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Banixx is gentle enough for a young pup or an aging dog and has no odor or sting to alarm your dog or puppy making it a very dog-friendly product.  Clinically proven safe around the eye and benign, Banixx is ideal for use with young pups or nervous pets.

View a case study about a serious dog tail infection.


Banixx for DogsBanixx is the product of choice for dog owners and dog professionals for:

Dog lovers turn to Banixx to address dog ear infections and other common ailments.  Banixx has been shown to give significant or total relief. 

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5-Star Reviews

... from Valley Vet Customers:

“I wish I knew about this a year ago! This is helping SO much on my Shelties' hot spot.”
Great product!
 July 23, 2015 by RENOVATED

“This product had cleared up many problems for us. Like fungal spot on my Standard Poodle's nose, hot spots, and ear troubles. Would not be without it.”
 July 12, 2014 by Zoolady

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