How do I treat my cat's/kitten's cut, wound or puncture?

Cat Injury cat wound

Initially clean your cat's/kitten's infection (cut, wound or puncture) with plain water, only if necessary. Let the affected area dry or pat it dry carefully with sterile gauze.  

Apply Banixx straight onto your cat's or kitten's wound (cut, tear, laceration, puncture, etc. Do not mix Banixx with other products; this will lessen the effect of Banixx. Now, just let Banixx work its wonders on your cat!  Banixx stays "active" for hours so there is no requirement to wipe it off.

If licked, Banixx is non-toxic to your cat. Diego is pictured at right.

Despite the fact that Banixx is an effective anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, it is also extremely tissue-friendly for your cat or kitten and will not sting or cause damage to even the most touchy areas. Banixx is clinically proven safe around the eye.  In light of this, Banixx is ideal for use with young or nervous pets, or any cat/kitten that may be tough to treat.

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Cat Testimonial

Ringworm in Cat EarOur organization is thrilled to have been introduced to your product! It was suggested last summer by family members in the horse industry, and it saved us so much time and expense with a litter of kittens that had a ringworm outbreak. The outbreak extended to the resident adult cats and dog in the foster home, but within a week after applying Banixx, the fungus on the animals had noticeably retreated.

More recently (March 15, 2014), an adult foster cat was admitted for dental surgery, and ringworm inside her ears was noted. The infection blossomed like mad over the course of the day due to the stress of the surgery, and we started applying Banixx that night. Four days later, the visible signs of ringworm were 95% gone. It didn't occur to us to take a "before" photo. This photo of her left ear was taken 4 days later (March 19). The nickel-sized red and flaky flare-up was gone, with only perimeter scabs left.

Banixx is far more fast-acting than the oral medications and stressful sulfur dips and anti-fungal shampoos that we've tried on cats and kittens in the past, and we're singing the praises to our veterinarians, fellow rescuers, and pet owners.

The American Street Cat 

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