Where can I find Banixx™ Horse & Pet Care?

Where can I find Banixx™ is one of our most searched upon questions. Banixx™ Horse & Pet Care is available from your local tack store, and/or farm/pet supply dealer. You can search our database to find the closest retailer. Please contact us if you cannot locate Banixx™.

Which pets and animals can benefit from Banixx™?

In addition to its popular use with horse, dog and cat wounds and infections, we constantly receive testimonials of Banixx™ being used successfully on chickens, falcons, parrots, iguanas, turtles, alpacas, show cattle, cats/kittens, dogs/puppies, elk, and ferrets.  Learn more about Banixx™ for pets.

What if Banixx™ gets into my horse's or pet's eye?

No problem! Banixx has been tested (in-vitro) on eye tissue, with these results:

  • Banixx was not clinically irritating
  • Banixx caused no harm

The testing was done under supervision of world renowned Brian Gilger DVM, who found the effect of Banixx on eye tissue "was similar to that of deionized water". View Dr. Gilger's report, In Vitro Acute Ocular Toxicity of Banixx™ after Topical Application.

What are some of the skin conditions for which Banixx™ is helpful?

Anything where bacteria or fungus is indicated! There is a whole list:

It may take several applications—morning and evening for 2-4 days or more—for a complete recovery in some cases.

How to Apply Banixx™ for skin conditions (listed above)

Apply Banixx liberally to your pet's skin infection (horse, cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, etc), gently massage it with fingertips into the skin, against the grain of the hair, to get it right down to the skin. Consider using disposable gloves if you're dealing with a fungal issue. Do not rinse it off—just let Banixx™ do its job!

Why is Banixx™ different from other products sold for aid with skin wounds?

When it is applied, Banixx™ does not sting or irritate the wound, nor does Banixx™ have an odor or foreign scent to alarm your pet. This is very important for the safety of your pet AND the care-giver since a frightened animal, in an effort to "flee" (a natural form of defense for most animals), can seriously hurt him or herself and the care-giver! And, generally speaking, because Banixx™ has no odor nor burn, your pet (cat, dog) will not be inclined to lick it off.

Since Banixx™ does not cauterize a wound, it can penetrate into the tissue to neutralize infection rather than mere surface healing, providing a better, long-lasting effective solution.

What happens if Banixx™ freezes? Does it still work?

Yes, it still works great! The only reason not to allow this to happen is because Banixx™ is sold in a plastic bottle and the bottle might crack if frozen. 

If your bottle of Banixx™ freezes, simply bring the bottle back to room temperature slowly and it is good to go! In addition, if your bottle of Banixx™ is exposed to sunlight or heat (due to a hot summer) it still is fine and effective to use.

Do I have to wear gloves when I apply Banixx™?

No, Banixx™ will not irritate your skin.  Also, since it is colorless, it will not stain your hands, clothing, your horse or the barn aisle!

Can I put Banixx™ in my animal's food or water?

No, Banixx™ is only recommended as a topical application.

What is the correct spelling for "Banixx"?

Well, since you are reading this page, you probably already know the correct spelling for Banixx™ Horse & Pet Care!  Some customers have had some delays in finding us because they were searching alternate spellings: Bannix, Banix, Bannixx, Banex, Banexx, Bannex, Bandex, Bandix, Babbix, Bannyx, and the like.

A portion of the profits from Banixx™ sales goes to animal welfare and rescue organizations

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Banixx™ Benefits

  • No steroids, no antibiotics
  • No odor to alarm your pet
  • No color, non-staining
  • Safe around the eye and mouth
  • Non-irritating, no sting or burn
  • Long shelf-life, temperature tolerant
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial